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Our story, your adventure

We are an independent developer and publisher of video games based in Surat, India. We make narrative-driven art games with personal, character-focused stories and rich, lived-in game worlds. We are the creators of the action-adventure game A Thug's Ascension.

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who we are

We at Moonwalk love telling great stories and crafting cinematic experiences that are worth remembering, and we believe that the interactive video game is the ultimate medium to convey touching tales, and make people feel like a part of the worlds that the artists create. We know games have the potential to have a lasting influence on people's lives. We want to be a part of that.

Based in Surat, Moonwalk creates games which explore sensitive themes while still trying to responsibly convey moral messages, not necessarily universal but more specific to the characters in the story; but always with a very strong Indian identity. Our mission is to try and innovate the Indian video game and to raise international awareness of the nation's sensibilities. This includes countering the mishandling of Indian culture by Western media and sharing an accurate portrayal of the country with the world.

Moonwalk Games is Adi Chandra and Diwangshu Kakoty, a partnership of passionate hobbyist designers with a fascination for storytelling.

Home: About


Thank you for your interest in Moonwalk Games. For any inquiries, problems or support, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

Thank you once again!

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